Relaxujte. Buďte pozitívny. Dobré veci sa dejú

Čo nového v Tranquini

Ahmed Elafifi in Impact Magazine

Ahmed Elafifi in Impact Magazine from India „Tranquilizing, the Vedic Mantra to Success”

Ahmed Elafifi talks of ways to de-stress and that being actively relaxed and having a positive mindset will help people to get more from the life.

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Tranquini in Ireland

Impactful visit to Ireland by Tranquini Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer Ahmed Elafifi

Tranquini was introduced in Ireland in July 2016 and went through incredible development, already present in all Top 4 retail groups, appreciated by retailers, consumers and partners.

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Tranquini Twizy in Ireland

Introducing the Tranquini Twizy! – First Stop, Dublin City!  

Team Positive in Ireland got our first iconic and cool vehicle – our new Tranquini Twizy.

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