Glass Half Full with Ahmed ElafifiFounder and Chief Relaxation Officer

1st Anniversary Letter

Dear friends,

What a year it’s been. In April 2015, we sold our first can of Tranquini. Since then, we’ve brought our inspirational approach to active relaxation to people in 24 countries across the world. From Switzerland to Hong Kong, from the Netherlands to South Africa, Tranquini has helped more people to Feel their Flow.

When I first imagined Tranquini, I knew it had the potential to transform the beverage industry. Now more than ever people are facing extreme pressures both personally and professionally but they are also recognising that they have the power to take control and make good things happen.

I’m delighted to see that consumers across the world have reacted positively to our creation. As I’ve travelled across the world sharing our philosophy, I’ve found that no matter which continent I’m in or how different each culture may seem, at the heart of it we all want to find positive enlightment. I am sure that Tranquini will help inspire people across the world, regardless of their country, to feel their unique flow.

This last year of rapid growth is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Tranquini team and the support from all our partners and investors. By the end of this year, Tranquini will be available in more than 50 countries. The future for Tranquini certainly looks positive as more people feel inspired to live an actively relaxed life. Here’s to a relaxed, positive future!

Enjoy a Tranquini. Feel the Flow.

Relax. Be positive. Good happens
Ahmed Elafifi