About Us

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

At Tranquini® Positively Relaxed, we believe in inspiring people to adopt a positive lifestyle by taking an actively relaxed approach to life.

Created by our Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer Ahmed Elafifi, our Tranquini philosophy is the perfect fit for consumers who are increasingly prioritising mindfulness and a more actively relaxed life.

Ahmed has over 25 years of experience in the consumer goods and beverage industries, and inspired by the serenity of life in Austria, he sought to establish a beverage company that operated differently from the norm.

His vision is supported by a management team of experts with a combined premium beverages and lifestyle brand experience of over 200 years, who are using their wide industry expertise to deliver a product that meets the needs of the 21st-century consumer.

To bring this vision to life, we want to help people around the world “find their flow”, a state in which people are relaxed but alert and able to make the most of every moment.

Today, people are facing many challenges, both personally and professionally. As people re-examine their life goals and start to prioritise a positive state of mind, Tranquini is the perfect answer for those who want to reduce stress and live a positive and successful life.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. These are the behaviours that our people embrace the further our ambitions for our business, our team and our partners.



We have an open and optimistic outlook, and see the glass-half-full in everything we do.



We own what we do, and are accountable by taking the right steps to achieve the best results for our company.


Entrepreneurial passion

We have the inner fire to be the first to bring the new and unique idea of Positive Relaxation to the world, and to do this fast.



We enjoy working in a casual and humble way to add value to our customers, partners, colleagues and investors.

Moral Courage

Moral courage

We draw our moral strength from doing good for others. We take on challenges, think big and deliver.

Relaxed Winning

Relaxed winning

We deliver success through a positively relaxed approach to life.



We value the importance of a common aspiration among our people but we also embrace each individual’s unique story.

Our History

  • Feb 2013Feb 2013

    Ahmed Elafifi came up with the Tranquini concept and started building a team to help realise his ambition.

  • Jul 2014July 2014

    We registered the company and created our brand.

  • Mar 2015Mar 2015

    We started production of the first cans of Tranquini Positively Relaxed.

  • Apr 2015Apr 2015

    We sold our first can of Tranquini in Switzerland.

  • Jun 2015Jun 2015

    We launched our product across 10 countries.

  • Nov 2015Nov 2015

    We broadened our range to include a new flavour – Tranquini Jade.

  • Dec 2015Dec 2015

    Tranquini became available in 17 countries across the world.

  • Dec 2015Dec 2015

    We shared our brand philosophy with the Tranquini Feel the Flow advertising campaign.

  • Mar 2016Mar 2016

    1st anniversary - Tranquini is now available in 24 countries across the world.

  • Apr 2016Apr 2016

    We added two new flavours to our portfolio – Tranquini Jasper and Tranquini Amber.

  • May 2016May 2016

    We started production of Tranquini in India.